Appraisals & Services

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Appraisals and Services

When determining your need for an appraisal, the primary consideration is Purpose.

We offer:

• Insurance Appraisals for Replacement Purposes

• Fair Market Value Appraisals for Various Purposes

• Equitable Distribution Appraisals

• Estate Appraisals

• Dissolution of Marriage Appraisals

• Charitable Donation Appraisals

• Collateral Appraisals

• Watch Appraisals

• Pre-sale evaluations for auction submission or secondary market sales.

We adhere to USPAP standards and the appraisal criteria of the NAJA and ASA. We have assisted in the development the guidelines of both of these professional organizations.


Insurance Appraisals

Insurance Appraisals establish the retail replacement value of your jewelry should you suffer damage or loss. We determine metal composition, identify and grade all gem stones, take digital photographs, research comparable market prices and create a document for you to provide to your insurance company. We also prepare electronic files (pdf) for your convenience.


Engagement Ring Appraisals

Acquiring a diamond engagement ring is an important decision. Martin Fuller Appraisals is available to help you protect your new asset, be it a recent purchase or family heirloom.

We are also available to consult before you make your purchase, helping you choose wisely.


Watch Appraisals

Jewelry and watches go hand in hand, so to speak. Watches often go overlooked as an item that may have significant value. The rise in precious metals values alone has raised the bar on what you might consider important to have appraised. We have been valuing vintage and modern watches from the inception of our practice. Whether you have a lady’s diamond Hamilton wristwatch or pocketwatch, a Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega or Vacheron Constantin, we will be happy to help you value it for insurance, estate of resale purposes. We evaluate all the components of value, research comparable market prices, and create a document for you to provide to your insurance company. We also prepare electronic files (pdf) for your convenience.


Fair Market & Estate Valuation Appraisals

Fair Market Appraisals are issued to establish a basis for equitable distribution of assets, estate tax preparation, dissolution of marriage asset assessment and pre-sale valuations for auction and other secondary markets. Our appraisals comply with IRS requirements and meet the highest professional standards.

Litigation and Expert Testimonys

Martin D. Fuller is an experienced expert witness at the Federal, state and local levels. He is recognized in:

• Fairfax County, Virginia,

• Arlington County Virginia,

• Alexandria, Virginia Civil & Circuit Courts.

• U.S. Federal District Court, Eastern District of Virginia.

• U.S. Federal District Court, Santa Ana, California.

• U.S. Federal District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Northern Division.

Silver, Flatware and Holloware

We offer evaluation and appraisals services for your sterling silver, flatware, holloware, and decorative silver plate items.

Pre – and Post-Sale Consultations

Consumer educational consultations are available by appointment. Pre- and post-sale consultations can help you make well informed choices.

Appraisal Updates

• Appraisal updates are recommended every 3-5 years, although your insurance company may have other requirements.

• Keeping your appraisal current protects your assets as changes occur in the gemstone and precious metals markets.

• By updating your appraisal within 3 years of the original, returning clients may be eligible for a 50% discount on our normal hourly rate.

Scrap Gold and Precious Metal

Martin Fuller Appraisals, LLC is a licensed precious metals dealer. We would be happy to evaluate your silver, platinum and gold. Many of our clients pay for their appraisals with unwanted jewelry.